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Secure photo viewer

A media-viewer that functions ontop of your lockscreen
Version: 1.4
Added: 07-05-2018
Updated: 25-11-2018

To be used whenever you are showing off pictures to your phone. Prevents someone seeing what they are not supposed to or doing anything to your phone. Start the app by sharing pictures or videos.

This app is here to protect you from you friends and enemies. Have you ever handed over your phone to show someone the latest meme? Or a cool pic you took? How often did they scroll too far and have seen something embarrassing in your gallery or image browser?

Now we have a solution: Select the pictures you want them to see in your gallery, press share and select the Secure Photo Viewer! Now they will only see what you want them to see. It works with any amount of photos or videos you share from you gallery! It's that easy to protect your privacy from nosy friends.

Screenshot of Secure photo viewer Screenshot of Secure photo viewer
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