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Senior Launcher

Launcher reduced to the essential, intended for elderly people
Version: 1.7
Added: 14-12-2018
Updated: 08-01-2019
What does this app do?
* It registers as app launcher (that means it is called when the phone boots and the home button is pressed).
* It lets the user decide if they want to call someone or want to watch images.
* It reads the contact list and displays all contacts that have an image and a phone number (only the first number is used!).
* Every contact is displayed as a large button with the contact's image on it.
* On click either a call to the contact is initialized or the SMS app is opened to show images sent via MMS
* In image-mode the gallery can be opened
* Calling the ambulance is added on top of the list in the call-screen.
* Language: English and German. (911 and 112 for calling the ambulance is translated of course)

Why is MMS used for images?
* Because it is available everywhere and every phone has an app installed that can use it
* Because it is the only way (that I found out) to direct the user right to the newest images

I recommend the use of as a SMS/MMS app because it
copies all images automatically to the gallery and because it's free.
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