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Collect sensor data
Version: 1.1.12
Added: 13-06-2013
Updated: 18-02-2014
Sensorium collects sensor values (such as 3G, GPS, battery charge) that you
allow it to access. You can control the level of detail of the data collected
from within the app. The app comes preconfigured so as to collect data for
upstream's open 3G connectivity map,
Open3GMap: it sends
data once an hour when a WiFi connection is available, but the URLs and
frequency can be chosen.

Sensors the app can use include:

* Device Info
* Radio Cell Info Sensor
* Network Location
* GPS Location
* Battery (or power usage)
* Wifi Scan result
* Wifi Connection Details
* Bluetooth Scan Result

Fused location method isn't available as it depends on the non-free Google Play
Services library.
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