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Enforce security policies
Version: 1.1.2
Added: 21-03-2022
Updated: 23-09-2022
Tiny app to enforce security policies of your device.

It can:
* limit the maximum number of failed password attempts
* disable USB data connections (Android 12, USB HAL 1.3, Device Owner)
* disable safe boot mode (Android 7, Device Owner)
* notify on failed password attempt
* notify when an app without Internet permission got it after an update

Be aware that the app may not work in safe mode.

* DEVICE_ADMIN - limit the maximum number of failed password attempts
* DEVICE_OWNER - disable USB data connections
* NOTIFICATION_LISTENER - receive lock/package events
* QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES - receive all package events

It is Free Open Source Software.
License: GPL-3

Screenshot of Sentry Screenshot of Sentry
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