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Share via HTTP

File sharing tool
Version: 2.0.14
Added: 11-09-2012
Updated: 04-01-2023
N.B The app doesn’t make an entry in the app list: only the share menu.

Share files from your phone to one or many, quickly and easily. Just share the
item via the Share Menu and a mini web server will be started allowing others to
download the file. If there are multiple files a zip archive will be created on
the fly. If is installed a QR code can be
produced with the URL. It will only work if the recipient is on the same LAN if
you use WiFI but should work anywhere if you use GSM (2G/3G), though more
slowly. The server can be stopped at any time from the screen that shows the URL
(press the back button if you’re on the barcode).
Screenshot of Share via HTTP Screenshot of Share via HTTP Screenshot of Share via HTTP
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