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Play shells game with your friends
Version: 1.0
Added: 08-03-2017
Updated: 08-03-2017
This program gives an opportunity to play a Shells game with your friends. Only
multiplayer mode is supported, so you will need 2 devices: one for thimblerigger
and another one for the victim. Devices should be connected to the same WiFi
network segment.

If you are thimblerigger - start the game, wait for the victim, put ball and few
cups then move cups.

If you are victim - connect the game, watch and guess.

Source code gives an example how following techonologies can be used:

* Android NSD for device discovery
* OpenGL text rendering
* OpenGL ball rendering
* OpenGL shadows rendering
* JS-Collider: Java network framework JS-Collider
Screenshot of ShellsMP Screenshot of ShellsMP
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