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The extendable novel reader for Android.
Version: 2.4.4-fdroid
Added: 15-10-2022
Updated: 03-08-2023
Shosetsu is the extendable novel reader for Android.

## Features include

- Fully customizable reader.
- Updating system to keep track of new chapters.
- Modifable Repositories providing a plateroa of extensions.
- Material you theming for a wonderful feel and experience.
- Backup novel progress for safe keeping.
- Share novels via QRCode easily.

## Disclaimer

Shosetsu is essentially a web scraper,
which can expand its built-in catalog through the use of (shosetsu-extensions)[].

Shosetsu does not, in any way,
own copyright over any of the novels present in its catalogs or extensions.
All DMCA requests should be forwarded to the original source, as Shosetsu does not host anything.
All data is scraped, saved to the users' devices and then displayed.

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