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Show Articles in Map

Show articles from Wikipedia near a given location in an interactive map.
Version: v1.6
Added: 31-07-2021
Updated: 06-04-2023

Note: You must also install Location Map Viewer to display the results.

This app adds the option Show Articles in Map to any app that can shown/send/share a geo location or geo-uri .

This app hooks into the android system to intercept "view geo-uri". When getting a geo-uri it asks
encyclopedia wikipedia (or travelguide wikivoyage or knowledgebase wikidata or photogallery wikimedia)
and shows the results in
Location Map Viewer
(or in any other installed app that understands the format 'kmz').

Location Map Viewer shows a map with bubbles (or article-icons if enabled/available) for every wikipedia article found.

If you click on a bubble you get a popup with a short article description and a button that links to the full article.

Here are some f-droid apps that are compatible with Show Articles in Map

Required Android Permissions:

  • INTERNET: to download article data from wikipedia or wikivoyage Server

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