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Show Articles in Map

Show articles from Wikipedia near a given location in an interactive map.
Version: v1.5
Added: 31-07-2021
Updated: 08-08-2021

Note: You must also install Location Map Viewer to display the results.

This app adds the option Show Articles in Map to any app that can shown/send/share a geo location or geo-uri .

It hooks into the android system, asks wikipedia and shows the results in Location Map Viewer
(or any other installed app that understands the format 'kmz').

Location Map Viewer shows a map with bubbles (or article-icons if enabled/available) for every wikipedia article found.

If you click on a bubble you get a popup with a short article description and a button that links to the full article.

Here are some f-droid apps that are compatible with Show Articles in Map

Required Android Permissions:

  • INTERNET: to download article data from wikipedia or wikivoyage Server

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