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Show Me Hills

Mountain identification
Version: 0.30
Added: 29-05-2012
Updated: 17-04-2013
Augmented reality application which overlays the names of hills and mountains on
a camera view. The supplied data for hills of the UK and Ireland is better than
that for the rest of the world.

N.B Although it is not necessary (since v0.30) to have Google Maps
installed to install the app, attempting to view the map overlay mode if you
don't have Google maps installed, will crash the app. Even if you have that
installed the "birds eye", map overlay mode won't work because the only map
source is Google Maps and there isn't an API key in the source code.

Anti-feature: Tracking. Crash reports are sent without interaction, but that can
be disabled in the settings. Google Analytics was removed before building.
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