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Fairphone Lancher 3 originally developed for Fairphone 2
Version: 2.0
Added: 07-05-2018
Updated: 07-05-2018

Fairphone Launcher originally developed for Fairphone 2.

  • Edge Swipe makes it possible to quickly access frequently used apps with just a swipe of the finger from the left or right side of the screen towards the center, and then release it on the desired app. With this feature you can keep your home screen clean and tidy, and only access your important apps when you need to see them.
  • The App Life Cycle is a section in the Fairphone where all downloaded and installed apps are vertically displayed. App Life Cycle creates more awareness for the user on how they use their Fairphone in combination with apps. It makes apps become “living things.”

Fairphone stopped developing it's Fairphone specific apps since the release of Android Marshmallow for the Fairphone 2. Fairphone wants the community to take care and maintain those apps.

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