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Block unknown callers
Version: 1.11.6
Added: 20-07-2021
Updated: 02-09-2022
By default numbers not in your contacts are blocked.

Optionally allow:
* Numbers you have contacted
* Numbers within the selected groups
* X registered call(s) from the same number within a set amount of minutes
* Numbers found in messages
* and more..

If the app rejects calls from contacts on Android 10, allow Contacts permission manually in
App info → Permissions.

* CALL_SCREENING - block or allow call
* READ_CALL_LOG - check you have called the number and count times the number have called you in X minutes
* READ_SMS - check you have sent a message to the number and you received a message from the number
* NOTIFICATION_LISTENER - find mobile numbers in incoming messages
* READ_PHONE_STATE - check on which SIM the number is calling
* RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED - persist clean expired numbers job across reboots
* READ_CONTACTS - check the number exists in contacts on Android 10 or block calls from them

It is Free Open Source Software.
License: GPL-3

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