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Simple Cleanup

Clean unneeded files with one click
Version: 1.0.1
Added: 14-06-2019
Updated: 14-06-2019
Extremely simple cleanup app! Doesn’t need internet, one button solution!

Simple Cleanup deletes files according to the space needed in your phone.

* At 20% space free, it deletes old WhatsApp backups and Tencent cache, in that order, until it gets to >20%.
* At 10% space free it deletes the last WhatsApp backup, old media (> 1 mo. old) and then all media, in that order.

Simple Cleanup checks file by file until enough space would be free.

Simple Cleanup checks in the background and alerts you if you are
running low on free space.

Note: currently only WhatsApp folders are checked. More might be added in
the future.

Simple Cleanup is always accepting recommendations and adding features!
If you want something added, please go here:
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