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tracking continuously the Philosopherstone (crypto coin) price on your mobile ph
Version: 1.2
Added: 22-02-2018
Updated: 11-04-2019

is for tracking continuously the Philosopherstone price on your mobile phone.
(Philosopherstone is a crypto coin like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum,... but with '''POS'''!
[POS = proof of stake])
SimplePhilosopherstoneWidget gets the prices directly from supported exchanges
(currently [Dec.2018] only []).

What are Philospherstones?

PhilosopherStone is a cryptocurrency that provides an annual stake rate of '''50%'''
(64% Compounded), or 3.44% monthly, for keeping the stones in your wallet (POS).
Reward halving on September 2019 to 25% and on September 2021 to 12,5%.
You will receive additional stones as reward "for free" if you do not move your stones for more than ~8.8 Days.
(Time can be longer if your total stake weight [=amount of stones x time] compared to the network weight is low [see green dot on the lower right of your wallet])

* '''high profit''' (50% p.a.): even at constant coin price due to high annual stake rate
* '''rare''': less then 7 million stones in total (Feb. 2018)
* '''fair''': no pre-mine, No IPOs, No ICOs (The intial distribution took 10 months with Proof-of-Work Scrypt algorithm before Scrypt ASICs.)
* '''environmental friendly''': green minting instead of mining (Proof-of-stake algorithm guaranties low power consumption and operating costs for minters.)
* '''faster transactions''': 200 sec block time
* '''transaction messages'''
* '''Coin Control Feature''': user can manually select input addresses for sending PHS (e.g. for not loosing to much stake weight)
* '''running since 2013!''': Launched 27 of July 2013
* and much more

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(The source code is based on hwki's ''SimpleBitcoinWidget'')
Everyone is welcome to publish the '''SimplePhilosopherstoneWidget''' (including the description above) on other APP-Stores, too (e.g. google playstore and others...)
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