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Simple Protocol Player NG

Audio player for uncompressed PCM streams
Version: 2019.10.0
Added: 18-10-2019
Updated: 18-10-2019
This media player plays uncompressed PCM data from a server over your local network. This is meant to be used for streaming audio from a PC to your Android phone or tablet. The focus has been latency and so all the options are intended for the user to be able to find a compromise between latency and quality. As a rule of thumb, a low sample rate + mono + 50 ms or less of buffer time are the settings that are generally used. Streaming from Ubuntu (or anything running PulseAudio): The following web page describes how to configure PulseAudio for use with this player. Streaming from Windows: Download the server from the following link and run it locally : The server has some options also to help tune the performance.
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