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Todo list manager
Version: 10.9.0
Added: 04-12-2013
Updated: 17-10-2020
A simple task list manager that strives to have just enough features to do GTD
(the Getting Things Done methodology), but no more.

Based on the todo.txt app so all info is stored in a single
text file called todo.txt.

Note that, with this version, you will need to take care of backups yourself.

* Todo list stored in the documented todo.txt format
* Comprehensive filtering and multi sort
* Create calendar reminders for specific tasks directly from the app
* Select on or more tasks and press overflow menu->Add reminder
* Share the complete tasklist or selected tasks using the Android share feature
* Tasks can deferred into the future. Combined with the "Creation date in future" sort it allows you to get tasks out of your face (as in 1MTD/MYN)
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