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Simply Translate

An app client that connects to multiple Simply Translate instances.
Version: 1.0.0
Added: 11-09-2021
Updated: 11-09-2021

Noramlly you would use GoogleTranslate. Problem is either you'll be signed in with your google account, from the same
ip as your google account, or some other factors. Translations may be tied to your identity. Sometimes there is no
problem with that. Other times there is. Like when browsing wikipeia. We'll know what diseases you have, political,
relegious, sexual etc... Translation is a bit worse.

Metalune created a proxy server application for GoogleTranslate. You connect to
one of the so called "SimplyTranslate"
instances(servers). Request data to be translated. The instance will request that data from GoogleTranslate, and
give it back to you. Only the instance's identity was exposed. If multiple people used the instance, you'll be
obfuscated with them. Using a different instance each time will obfuscate more.

Metalune created a web client for
SimplyTranslate, and I created a mobile client. Pros of mine is if you want to connect to a different instance each
time, you won't have to visit a different website. Just select one of the available ones in instance selector
button, let the app choose a random one every launch, or a custom one. All of that without leaving your lovely app.

No Instant Camera, Document, or Speech Translation at the time. Those should be implemented first on the proxy
server. Then on the client apps. I'll try to help with that.

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