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Siteswap Generator

Generate juggling siteswaps for passing
Version: 1.1.11-beta
Added: 03-04-2018
Updated: 19-04-2019

The Siteswap Generator is designed for passing Siteswap generation and analysis. The following features are supported:

  • Find all possible Siteswaps for a given period length and number of objects
  • Easy filtering of zips, zaps and holds via check boxes
  • Automatic filtering of non-passable patterns
  • Support for pattern and interface filters
  • Generation of local Siteswaps and calculation of start position
  • Support for asynchronous passing patters with more than two jugglers
  • Generation of very long patterns in a random mode

Screenshot of Siteswap Generator Screenshot of Siteswap Generator Screenshot of Siteswap Generator
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