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A privacy-first, self-hosted knowledge management app
Version: 2.12.8
Added: 02-02-2024
Updated: 15-02-2024
SiYuan is a privacy-first personal knowledge management system, support fine-grained block-level reference and Markdown WYSIWYG.


Most features are free, even for commercial use.

  • Content block

    • Block-level reference and two-way links

    • Custom attributes

    • SQL query embed

    • Protocol siyuan://

  • Editor

    • Block-style

    • Markdown WYSIWYG

    • List outline

    • Block zoom-in

    • Block horizontal layout

    • Million-word large document editing

    • Mathematical formulas, charts, flowcharts, Gantt charts, timing charts, staffs, etc.

    • Web clipping

    • PDF Annotation link

  • Export

    • Block ref and embed

    • Standard Markdown with assets

    • PDF, Word and HTML

    • Copy to WeChat MP, Zhihu and Yuque

  • Database

    • Table view

  • Spaced repetition

  • Multi-tab, drag and drop to split screen

  • Template snippet

  • JavaScript/CSS snippet

  • Android/iOS APP

  • Docker deployment

  • API

  • Community marketplace

Some features are only available to paid members, for more details please refer to Pricing.
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