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Skewy - anti eavesdropping

A tool to prevent eavesdropping and ultrasonic access of your smart phone.
Version: 1.0
Added: 12-01-2021
Updated: 12-01-2021

Skewy has two objectives:

1) By pressing Play, Skewy's sound will mask your conversation / will make the data picked up by the microphone unusable (like a jammer). Giving someone who wants to use this data a near impossible task to filter out what you said. The Sound Tab allows for fine tuning of the sound level and set an optional alarm to notify when masking no longer occurs.

2) Skewy processes the data to identify ultrasonic (inaudible) signals. Such signals are used by advertisement/tracking companies such as SilverPush to access your phone without you noticing. Skewy can notify you when such a signal is present and optionally jam such a signal, if the frequency shield is turned on.

All data is visualized with live graphs (both sound and frequency).

It works best with a small hardware extension (a small speaker/headphone) to focus the sound on the mic, making it silent its surroundings. An idea how to build it is found in the Menu.

No actual sound data is saved.

Screenshot of Skewy - anti eavesdropping Screenshot of Skewy - anti eavesdropping Screenshot of Skewy - anti eavesdropping
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