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Lightweight application for viewing Minecraft skins from different services.
Version: 1.2
Added: 09-06-2024
Updated: 09-06-2024
Lightweight application for browsing Minecraft skins from different services and local storage.

The following sources are currently supported:
* Local storage
* Vanilla skin system
* 5ZigReborn
* Cloaks+
* GeyserMC
* LabyMod
* LiquidBounce
* Mantle
* Meteor
* MinecraftCapes
* Optifine
* TLauncher
* Wurst
* Wynntils

The application also has a 3D renderer that allows you to view the character from different angles.

This project is not affiliated with Mojang, Optifine, LabyMod, MinecraftCapes, Cloaks+, TLauncher,, 5ZigReborn, Mantle, Wynntils, Meteor or LiquidBounce.
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