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Slim Launcher

Minimalistic launcher
Version: 2.4.20
Added: 02-02-2019
Updated: 02-07-2021
Slim launcher only allows you to use fewer apps on your phone. Giving you more time to enjoy life as it was intended. Also a perfect app for a minimalist lifestyle

But this launcher comes with a twist:

  1. No wallpapers: Of course Slim comes with a few color themes but that's it. (This is a good thing, trust me)

  2. Slim only allows you to use 5 apps on your mobile. Of course, you can switch and choose the ones you want but cheating slim by always replacing your choices becomes annoying.

  3. No app icons on the home screen. You make your pick to the apps you need the most and they will be displayed by the name on the home screen.

This gives you a pretty simple theme with no sudden distractions.
Screenshot of Slim Launcher Screenshot of Slim Launcher Screenshot of Slim Launcher
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