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SMASH — Smart Mobile App for Surveyor's Happiness

Digital field mapping app for geodiaries, fast surveys and GIS data collection.
Version: 1.9.3
Added: 12-07-2023
Updated: 01-07-2024

SMASH is a digital field mapping application developed to perform fast qualitative engineering/geologic surveys and GIS data collection.

The main aim of SMASH is to have a tool that:

  • fits in any pocket and can be always at hand, when needed

  • gives the possibility to take geo-referenced and possibly orientated pictures during a survey, with further possibility to import them into GIS applications like gvSIG

  • is able to easily exploit an Internet connection, if available

  • is extremely easy to use and intuitive, providing just few important functions

The main features available in SMASH are:

  • geo-referenced notes

  • geo-referenced and oriented pictures

  • gps track logging

  • form-based data surveys

  • easy export of collected data

  • a map view for navigation with support for raster tiles and gpx vector data

  • geopackage (OGC standard) support

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