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Echo communications through Android.
Version: 2023.01.10
Added: 09-01-2021
Updated: 13-01-2023
Summary of Smoke

* Aliases. Preserve your contacts.
* Almost zero-dependency software.
* Application lock.
* Argon2id and PBKDF2 key-derivation functions.
* Automatic, oscillatory public-key exchange protocol, via SipHash.
* BSD 3-clause license.
* Content is recorded via authenticated encryption.
* Decentralized. TCP, and UDP multicast and unicast.
* Does not require Internet connectivity.
* Does not require registration. Telephone numbers are not required.
* Eventful tasks. Limited polling.
* F-Droid.
* Fiasco forward secrecy.
* Future-proof software.
* Introduces Cryptographic Discovery. Cryptographic Discovery is a
practical protocol which creates coordinated data paths.
* Juggling Juggernaut Protocol!
* Manufactured tool tips!
* McEliece Fujisaka and Pointcheval.
* Message structures do not explicitly expose contents. Header-less protocols!
Some messages do include type information.
* Mobile servers via SmokeStack.
* Obfuscation of resident secret keys.
* Optional foreground services.
* Optional silence over the wires.
* Original implementation of SipHash.
* Ozone destinations: private and public repositories.
* Post offices for messages of the past.
* Private servers.
* Public and private public-key servers.
* Rainbow digital signature scheme.
* Reliable distribution of archived messages.
* Reliable distribution of deliverable text messages.
* SPHINCS digital signature scheme.
* SSL/TLS through SmokeStack.
* Semi-compatible with Spot-On via Fire.
* Share files with TCP utilities such as Netcat.
* SipHash-128.
* Smoke and mirrors.
* Software congestion control.
* Software manual included.
* Steam, reliable file sharing. TCP over the Echo!
* Steamrolling, or, real-time broadcasting of inbound Steams to fellow participants.
* Super McEliece: m = 13, t = 118.

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