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SMS Popup

Display SMS directly
Version: 1.2.4
Added: 07-09-2012
Updated: 11-09-2012
NOTE: App repo is archived by dev. It is read-only for all users and it is no longer actively maintained.

Intercepts incoming text messages and displays them in a popup window. The popup
window shows the contact the message came from and their contact photo (if there
is one) as well as the content of the message. Directly from the popup the user
is given the option to Close the popup (marking the message read) or Reply to
the message (using a system intent).

A full notifications system is included: this allows a user to disable the built
in messaging app notifications and use those from SMS Popup. The notifications
system has additional options such as custom vibrate pattern, custom LED color
and the ability to remind the user of a missed message in case they missed the
notification the first time it played.
Screenshot of SMS Popup Screenshot of SMS Popup Screenshot of SMS Popup
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