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Snikket is an easy-to-use and privacy-friendly messaging app
Version: 2.12.2+free
Added: 04-02-2020
Updated: 15-04-2023
The Snikket app allows you to join a worldwide communication network. Use the app for communicating with friends, family and colleagues without surrendering your data to large corporations.

ℹ️ Important Note: To get started with the app you need an invite to a Snikket service, or run your own. The app will not work unless you have an invite to join a Snikket service.

Snikket allows you to use a service provided by someone you trust. This could be an organisation, simply a techie friend or family member.

Both the app and service are 100% free and open-source software.

Learn more at

This app is based on the awesome XMPP client, Conversations.

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