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An open-source and completely offline application to manage simple notes
Version: v0.17
Added: 11-10-2021
Updated: 24-10-2021
sNotz is an open-source, privacy-friendly, secure, and completely offline application, which will let you create, customize, and manage simple notes on your android device.


- Easily create & manage simple notes.
- Support biometric/PIN authentications to secure notes.
- Supports using custom colors (background and text) for individual notes.
- Supports including an image (not recommended for the sake of UI response) on individual notes.
- Sort notes alphabetically, or by date or background color.
- Supports creating secret notes that are hidden from the main UI by default.
- Supports creating, importing, and sharing checklists.
- Swipe (left or right) to delete notes/checklists.
- Create reminders (for individual notes).
- Export and easily share notes via third-party apps.
- No cloud storage or login requirements. sNotz works completely offline.
- Offers a simple backup/restore functionality for those who want to get old notes on a new device.

Privacy Policy

The developer of sNotz doesn't collect any kind of user data from the app. Other than the official Auto Backup by google, sNotz doesn't use any third-party data backup systems. All the notes are stored locally in "json" format within the files directory (/data/data/com.sunilpaulmathew.snotz/files/) of sNotz. For more information, please read the privacy policy at https://smartpack.github.io/privacy-policy/. Also, a very detailed FAQ can be found at https://ko-fi.com/post/sNotz-FAQ-H2H42H6A8.


Please help me to translate this application via POEditor. You may also translate after downloading the original language string available here.
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