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Wiki-Dictionary, Audio Upload Tool for Wiktionary Words and Wikimedia Commons.
Version: 1.1.3
Added: 29-12-2020
Updated: 17-09-2021
Wikimedia Commons Audio Upload Tool.
Spell4Wiki is a mobile application to record and upload ogg audio files for Wiktionary words to Wikimedia commons.
Spell4Wiki also act as a Wiki-Dictionary(Word meaning from Wiktionary).

App Features:

  1. Spell For Wiktionary - You can record & upload audio for the list of Wiktionary words to Wikimedia commons.

  2. Spell For WordList - You can upload for your own list of words from a text file or copy & paste.

  3. Spell For Word - You can spell and upload for a single word.

  4. Wiktionary Explore - You can search meaning from Wikitionary for any words in any languages.

Purpose of this application
There are plenty of words in the Wiktionary. But they do not have enough pronunciation audio files. So we can upload pronunciation audio for words in a simple way.
And we can use those pronunciation for wiki data planning and other technologies like machine learning under CC-license. And other linguists can learn how to pronounce a word.

Powered By

This app load some configuration(available language list, categories & contributors) details from the app's repo.

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