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Lightweight & resource friendly spotify client without requiring Spotify Premium
Version: 2.6.0
Added: 17-06-2022
Updated: 11-12-2022
A lightweight free Spotify crossplatform-client (desktop: Mac, Linux, Windows, mobile: Android) which handles playback manually, streams music using Youtube & no Spotify premium account is needed

* Open Source
* Anonymous/Guest Login
* Cross platform
* No telemetry, diagnostics or user data collection
* Lightweight & resource friendly
* Native performance (Thanks to Flutter+Skia)
* Playback control is on user's machine instead of server based
* Small size & less data hungry
* No spotify or youtube ads since it uses all public & free APIs (But it's recommended to support the creators by watching/liking/subscribing to the artists youtube channel or add as favourite track in spotify. Mostly buying spotify premium is the best way to support their valuable creations)
* Synced Lyrics
* Downloadable track

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