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SSTV Encoder

Image encoder for Slow-Scan Television (SSTV) audio signals
Version: 2.10
Added: 03-03-2021
Updated: 22-01-2024

Supported Modes

  • Martin Modes: Martin 1, Martin 2

  • PD Modes: PD 50, PD 90, PD 120, PD 160, PD 180, PD 240, PD 290

  • Scottie Modes: Scottie 1, Scottie 2, Scottie DX

  • Robot Modes: Robot 36 Color, Robot 72 Color

  • Wraase Modes: Wraase SC2 180

The mode specifications are taken from the Dayton Paper, JL Barber, "Proposal for SSTV Mode
Specifications", 2000:


Tap "Take Picture" or "Pick Picture" menu button or

use the Share option of any app like Gallery to load an image.

To keep the aspect ratio, black borders will be added if necessary.

Original image can be resend using another mode without reloading.

After image rotation or mode changing the image

will be scaled to that mode's native size.

After closing the app the loaded image will not be stored.

Text Overlay

Single tap to add a text overlay.

Single tap on text overlay to edit it.

Long press to move text overlay.

Remove the text to remove a text overlay.

After closing the app all text overlays

will be stored and reloaded when restarting.


  • "Play" - Sends the image.

  • "Stop" - Stops the current sending and empties the queue.

  • "Pick Picture" - Opens an image viewer app to select a picture.

  • "Take Picture" - Starts a camera app to take a picture.

  • "Save as WAVE File" - Creates a wave file in the Music folder in SSTV Encoder album.

  • "Rotate Image" - Rotates the image by 90 degrees.

  • "Modes" - Lists all supported modes.

Screenshot of SSTV Encoder Screenshot of SSTV Encoder Screenshot of SSTV Encoder
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