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Step and Height Counter

Counting steps and elevation gain
Version: 1.50
Added: 17-12-2016
Updated: 07-01-2021
This app counts footsteps and elevation gain if step sensor and barometric sensor is available.
All data is kept locally only, there is no connection to any server. For statistics you can save your data locally on SD-Card.

Please note: Pressure sensor is mandatory. Steps will not be counted during walking, if there is a step sensor but no pressure sensor.
Elevation gain should only be counted if footsteps are detected, so only stairs and hill climbing will count, but not elevators or lifts. Don’t expect high accuracy - due to the concept of the sensors the accuracy is limited. And: avoid walking in trains or subways with active measurement, as the pressure (and therefore height) can change significantly during driving.

You can save regular and daily statistics automatically on SD-Card and save current values with the floating action button. Starting with Android 10 files are not saved to root-folder of SD-card anymore, but in app-directory. There isn’t much on graphical display of statistic data besides two progress bars. Just use any program which can read csv-values.

* Access to physical activity: Access to step sensor needs permission to access physical activity since Android 10+. The app will not work without this permission on devices with Android 10 and higher.
* Keep device awake: Device will not be kept awake all time. It will be woken up regulary and kept awake if necessary for short time to ensure proper counting of steps and elevation gain.
* Write to external storage: App will work without this permission, but you cannot save statistical values or markers.

Screenshot of Step and Height Counter
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