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Suntimes Calendars

A calendar provider add-on for Suntimes.
Version: 0.3.2
Added: 14-12-2018
Updated: 07-08-2019

Provides calendar events for the solstices, equinoxes, twilight periods (astronomical, nautical, civil (sunrise, sunset)), and the moon (moonrise, moonset, major phases).

This add-on for Suntimes adds events to the Calendar app. It depends on Suntimes v0.10.3 or later.

The following permissions are required:
  • WRITE_SYNC_SETTINGS is used to create and add custom calendars to the Calendar app.
  • WRITE_CALENDAR is used to populate custom calendars with events.
  • suntimes.permission.READ_CALCULATOR is used to read data from the Suntimes provider.

Screenshot of Suntimes Calendars
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