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Super Retro Mega Wars

Play retro games against each other in any combination.
Version: 0.12.0
Added: 07-06-2021
Updated: 25-10-2021
Enjoy retro games? Enjoy multiplayer games? Ever wanted to play one retro game against a different game in real time?

Welcome to Super Retro Mega Wars!

Play against your friends, with each of you can competing by playing a different game. Score points in your game and every other game will be handicaped in their own unique way. But watch out, as others score, your game will become more difficult too.

Still in early stage development (may be a bit buggy), but currently supports four different single and multi-player versions of games based on classic retro titles.

No ads. No in game purchases. Just retro games and good times.

Any feedback is very welcome at GitHub.

Known limitations:

* Thorough play testing required to balance the games and identify and remove bugs from the server.
* Untested on multiple screen sizes.

Please support further development at GitHub sponsors or Liberapay.

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