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Capture log files
Version: 2.4.1
Added: 27-01-2016
Updated: 02-06-2020
Records various log types and compresses them as a zip file.
The logs are saved in the application's private cache directory
named by the date and time.

You can access the zip files through the system document picker
- Select the SysLog app to view collected log zips.

Log types supported:

* Kernel logs (dmsg)
* Last kernel log (last_kmsg, if device supports it)
* Main log (Logcat)
* Modem log
* Event logs
* SELinux audit logs

To enable access to some logs (Logcat and Radio) to SysLog, you
will need to grant the READ_LOGS permision using a computer with

From a command line with adb available, you can grant the READ_LOGS
permission via the following command:

adb shell pm grant com.tortel.syslog android.permission.READ_LOGS

This command tells the phone's package manager to grant the
READ_LOGS permission to SysLog.
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