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TAC Database Client

Gather and upload TAC data
Version: 1.0
Added: 29-04-2016
Updated: 29-04-2016
This project aims to provide a publicly, community-maintained, and
well-organized database to collect Type Allocation Codes (TACs). While other
databases exist, they either don’t provide the full data set (e.g. by providing
a query interface with rate limiting) or are not maintained in a way that we
consider helps the community (submission process cumbersome, data not

What is a TAC?

A Type Allocation Code (TAC) is made up by the first 8 digits of the so-called
International Mobile Station Equipment Identity (IMEI) associated with mobile
devices. Earlier versions of the 3GPP TS 03.03 specification defined it as 6
bytes. The TAC is a unique identifier to determine the device manufacturer/model
and its marketing name. These records are allocated by certain groups and a full
list of all IMEIs is maintained by the GSMA.
Screenshot of TAC Database Client Screenshot of TAC Database Client
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