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Unofficial version of Taskwarrior - console task management tool
Version: 0.1.160410
Added: 06-03-2016
Updated: 13-04-2016
* Project is not affiliated with the authors of Taskwarrior, but original task binary is embedded into Android application
* Because Android application uses task binary for all manipulations with tasks, in general, you can expect exactly same behaviour with original Taskwarrior
* Synchronisation with taskd server works! See for more information

Following task features are implemented already:

* See your tasks using reports
* Add, edit, start, stop, delete tasks
* Annotate and de-annotate
* Run custom search queries
* Undo your changes
* Run custom task commands
* Synchronisation with taskd

Features below are unique to Android version:

* Create shortcuts to reports and new task templates to Home screen
* Multiple profiles support
* Auto-syncronisation by configurable intervals

Following features are not implemented at present moment:

* UDAs
* Dependencies

You can reach developer on Freenode IRC #taskwarrior channel, nickname: kvj
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