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Add-on for Termux allowing programs to be run at boot
Version: 0.7
Added: 02-09-2017
Updated: 28-09-2019
This plugin for allows programs to be run at boot.


* Start the Termux:Boot app once by clicking on its launcher icon.
* This allow the app to be run at boot.
* Create the ~/.termux/boot/ directory.
* Put scripts you want to execute inside the ~/.termux/boot/ directory.
* If there are multiple files, they will be executed in a sorted order.

Note that you may want to run termux-wake-lock as first thing want to ensure
that the device is prevented from sleeping.

Example: To start an sshd server and prevent the device from sleeping at boot,
create the a file ~/.termux/boot/start-sshd containing the line:

termux-wake-lock && sshd
Screenshot of Termux:Boot Screenshot of Termux:Boot
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