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The Translator

An application to help translating other android apps!
Version: v0.17
Added: 07-01-2021
Updated: 22-12-2021
The Translator is a simple application to help translate android apps.


- A simple, but elegant UI to display the individual lines of a language string.
- Intelligently guide users to avoid mistakes.
- Directly share (after saving) strings with the developers.
- Long press to remove an individual line.
- Dark and Light themes.
- Includes translations of a number of languages (Please help me to translate this app - Original string.xml available at at GitHub).
- & A lot more

How it work?

- Get the original 'string.xml' (or the URL to the same) from your developer (or from the source repo, if the app is open-source).
- Import the same (from 'sdcard' or from URL) to the Translator (Settings --> Import 'string').
- The app will list each and every translatable string as separate entries.
- Click on each of them and replace the original text with the translation from your language.
- Please follow on-screen instructions to avoid mistakes (RED colour - Error).
- Once you finished, save your work by clicking the save button on the bottom (or on Settings --> View 'string').
- Send the new xml file generated at 'sdcard' to your developer and patiently wait for an update

Screenshot of The Translator Screenshot of The Translator Screenshot of The Translator
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