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TICE – Secure GPS Location Sharing with Friends

Meet up and locate your friends, family and colleagues on a map
Version: 2.3
Added: 02-12-2021
Updated: 14-01-2022
Locate your friends, family, and colleagues with TICE when meeting up. Share your live location while preserving your privacy.

Start a secure meeting and send the invitation link to the people you want to meet up with. See yourself and the others on a private map in real-time. Set a meeting point, communicate with the others, and see how everyone gets together. Meet up with a single person or big groups. With TICE, messages like “where are you?” and “when do you arrive?” are a thing of the past.

Looking for an easy way to meet up but you want your location to stay private? We were, too. That is why we protect all your sensitive data and messages with modern end-to-end encryption. We do not ask for any personal details – no phone number or e-mail address needed. Use TICE completely anonymous with our strong privacy-by-design approach. A huge step towards sustainable user data handling on the internet.

• View the real-time location of friends or family members on the map
• Create meetups of unlimited sizes
• Be safe with 100% secure end-to-end encryption
• Send group chat messages
• Get real-time notifications
• Meet up with iPhone users, as TICE is platform independent

Invite to a TICE meetup, the participants can see each other in real-time on a private map. Chat with the group to communicate details of your meeting and coordinate effectively.

Set a meeting point for everyone. See how the participants arrive at the chosen place.

The architecture of TICE is based on privacy-by-design. Real end-to-end encryption guarantees a high level of protection of user data.

Using the app is completely anonymous. No personal contact details, no mobile phone number, or e-mail address.

You always keep full and fine-grained control over sharing your location. Choose the contacts you want to share it with and disable it anytime.

TICE is universal. Use it for private meetings with your family, locate friends, or coordinate your companies staff.

100% FREE
TICE is a project developed out of passion. We have the goal to create more awareness for a responsible and secure way of handling data on the internet. TICE is the secure alternative we always wanted to have. We do not track your location and we do not sell your information.

TICE was funded by the EXIST founder scholarship in 2019 in Germany. We are looking for further support and partnerships enabling sustainable growth of TICE.

• Family, friends and acquaintances
• Coordination of small and big groups
• Meeting up at concerts, festivals, and other crowded places
• Effective outdoor meetings

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