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Tiddloid is an app to work with locally stored TiddlyWikis.
Version: 2.2.0
Added: 24-06-2021
Updated: 08-04-2022
Tiddloid Lite, a lightweight version of Tiddloid, is an app to work with locally stored TiddlyWikis. Once have some ideas, you can immediately write them down and save it in a tiddler, and sync the Wiki to your other devices so that you can access these ideas anywhere. See https://tiddlywiki.com/ for more details of TiddlyWiki.
- Creating new TiddlyWiki files with latest template
- Importing existing TiddlyWiki files stored on a writable source
- Adding a folder containing TiddlyWiki-based `index.htm(l)` (Android 5.0 and above)
- Adding files or folders held on WebDAV servers (Android 5.0 and above)
- Receiving a TiddlyWiki site URL shared from Browser and save as a new file or a bookmark
- Opening an HTML file and adding to the list if it is a valid TiddlyWiki
- Applying theme color to the UI with some in-wiki configurations, as well as other tweaks
- Saving changes by clicking the Save button
- Save and Find option in context menu
- Draft from any selected text
- A Backup system that preserves your previous versions in case of misoperations
- Convenient operations like Create shortcut, Clone and Delete
- Importing or exporting wiki list data
WebDAV function provided by `sardine-android` (https://github.com/thegrizzlylabs/sardine-android). License files provided in /lic.

For more details about this app, please visit the project page ( https://github.com/donmor/Tiddloid/ ) or my homepage ( https://donmor.top/ ).
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