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Stork IM

XMPP/Jabber client
Version: 3.0.27.f
Added: 24-10-2013
Updated: 15-05-2021
Tigase Messenger is a mobile chat client to use with, Google Talk,
Live Journal Talk, Nimbuzz, Ovi, and thousands of other services run by
companies, ISPs, and volunteers around the world (a small list is on the page:

If you happen to have a few accounts on different servers, if you want to stay
online when you are on the go, to be in contact with your friends and family all
the time, if you love to share photos once you take them, then Tigase Messenger
is for you.

* Unlimited number of XMPP accounts
* Address book integration
* Photo sharing
* Multi User Chat
* Geolocation - share your location with friends
* Save your battery

All functions are available when you connect Tigase Messenger to our server
(,,, on other servers, some functions may be
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