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Tileless Map

An offline only map client, reading from SQLite and rendering in openGL es2
Version: 0.1.5
Added: 22-02-2018
Updated: 15-03-2018
A mapclient that reads data from a local SQLite database and renders
the map through openGL.

The database that the app reads from can be anywhere on the phone, which means
that the same data can be used across multiple apps. If you need to reinstall
the app, the data will not be touched. That is good since you can handle many
GB of data in the app. In the future there will hopefully be a separate app
taking care of keeping your data up to date, which is a simple task since
syncronization can be done based on timestamps of single geometries.

This project is still more of a "proof of concept". Any contributions to make
it more complete and feature rich is welcome. Hopefully this can become a
healthy community project.

''''The maps''''
You can get maps from "ready to use" databases or you can pack your own.

A few maps that is "ready to use" can be downloded from

To pack your own maps go to

The app as it stands now is built on top of these open source projects:

Simple Direct Media Layer library, SDL, originally licensed under zlib license.

SDL_image, originally licensed under zlib license

FreeType, originally released under FreeType License

Mini-XML, originally released under [ Mini-XML license]

uthash, originally released under [ BSD revised license]

Point in Polygon algorithm ported to C from Dan Sundays code
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