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Tinc App

Android binding and user interface for the tinc mesh VPN daemon
Version: 0.33
Added: 28-05-2017
Updated: 15-07-2021
Main features:

* Does NOT require root privilege
* Connection management through a graphical interface
* Uses conventional tinc configuration files (extended with support for encrypted private keys and VPN bypass per Android application)
* Automatable using third party Android applications via Intents


* This application is only a VPN client, which is not tied to any VPN service provider by default.
* It requires an existing tinc network to connect to.
* For more information about the tinc VPN protocol, see

Platform specific limitations of the Android client:

* Operates with tinc in router mode only
* Connects to only one tinc network at a time
* No support for hook scripts

Please see the project's website for more information (setup guide,
documentation, sources, issues):

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