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TinyBit launcher

Small memory footprint, icon pack support, color and behaviour customizable
Version: 4.7
Added: 01-09-2020
Updated: 12-11-2020


Motives for developing my own launcher:
Clean main screen to enjoy the wallpaper
Fast access to apps by searching
Icon Pack compatible
Ability to customize colors and behaviors

New Features:
⦾ Update app list when changes detected
⦿ Adaptive icon shapes
⦾ Cache icons for fast result display
⦿ Tags to better organize apps
⦾ Quick list items to filter results
⦿ Preference color preview
⦾ Shortcuts for apps, contacts, etc.

Source code
The initial idea and code came from
Screenshot of TinyBit launcher Screenshot of TinyBit launcher Screenshot of TinyBit launcher
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