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Access LED flashlight from the Volume buttons
Version: 3.2.1
Added: 09-02-2016
Updated: 29-02-2020
Use the LED flash of the camera as a flashlight. Easy access this functionality
by pressing both volume buttons together. It works in screen on, lock screen and
screen off (when enabled from settings).


* Turn on/off torch / flashlight / LED just by holding volume Buttons / keys together
* Works in screen on, lock screen, even while screen off (when enabled from Settings)
* Optimized (zero) Battery usage (unless enabled in screen off via settings)
* Standalone torch / flashlight / LED app too!
* Easy, innovative and handy Material Design UI
* Very light, tiny and small (~1 MB)
* Super fast and reliable
* Brightest guaranteed
* Innovative, simple & handy
* No privacy / security issues
* No Root required
* No framework / plugin required
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