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A butterfly monitoring app for species-specific registering of butterflies in Eu
Version: 3.2.6
Added: 06-08-2016
Updated: 01-09-2021
TourCount supports species-specific and individually GPS-localized registering of butterflies.

- Data recording is organized for a regional tour with its expected butterfly species.
- The app comes with a prepared basic database with the most common species in Europe as a starting point.
- Databases can be individually created and adapted within the app regarding meta data and expected butterfly species.
- You may use an individual species list per region.
- The app contains an editor to setup or adapt the current species list.
- Add new species to the list by scroll-down-selection from a comprehensive internal species list.
- There is an editor to prepare the meta data for a tour and
- an editor for individual species data of a count (e.g. state, remark or bulk count entry).
- Species can be selected per scroll-down-menu with butterfly names and pictures on the counting page.
- The counting page has 6 separate counters for ♂ or ♀, ♂, ♀, pupa, larva or egg.
- The app automatically inserts date, time, coordinates and height as well as
- location data by reverse OSM-geocoding provided that GPS and internet are accessible.
- Results are prepared for easy readout to transfer them to the science4you entry mask for butterfly registration.
- Results are shown with meta data, totals, remarks, species results and individual data.
- Results may be exported in SQLite- or CSV-format (for transfer to a PC for your own processing, e.g. in a spreadsheet.)
- Help contains a detailed userguide.
- TourCount uses the European coding scheme for butterflies from Karsholt/Razowski.

The app demands for
- storage access permit which is needed for im-/exporting the counting data,
- GPS (Location) permit for coordinates and location info per count,
- internet access for OpenStreetMap reverse geocoding requests,
- the permit to write settings for setting the screen brightness,
- the permit to keep the device awake and to switch off the counting screen when the phone is pocketed.
The smartphone screen should have a minimum resolution of 1920 x 1024 pixels.
The app is usable with Android version 4.4 (KitKat) or newer.

Documentation is provided under

TourCount is one of two apps for European butterfly monitoring.
The 2nd app, TransektCount serves transect counters on their inspection walks. It supports species-specific counting of butterflies per transect section according to the European Butterfly Monitoring Scheme method.

Both apps use the coding scheme of Karsholt/Razowski for European butterflies and thus contain only European butterfly pictures.

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