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Tower Collector

Join the OpenCellID community and collect cell towers' locations from your area
Version: 2.0.0
Added: 02-06-2018
Updated: 25-11-2018

This app collects GPS locations of GSM/UMTS/LTE/CDMA cell towers and sends them to database. It is designed to help map the extent of mobile phone network coverage. It is also possible to collect measurements for private purposes and export them to CSV or GPX files. Some features:

  • specially optimized GPS parameters to reduce battery drain
  • upload to project
  • export to SD card as CSV or GPX
  • ad-free, forever!

The project goal is to create a worldwide open source database of mobile cell locations. Tower Collector gives you opportunity to contribute in OpenCellID project by uploading cell towers' locations from your area. Collected data can be used to quickly locate devices without enabling GPS.

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