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find location (cell or GPS), view online maps, store waypoints and tracks
Version: 2.7.3
Added: 13-07-2020
Updated: 07-10-2020


  • no Google Services dependencies, only necessary permissions (fine and coarse location, internet, foreground service)

  • may connect to several map providers

  • acceptable performance on slow GPRS-EDGE networks

  • may find coarse location by phone cell without GPS

  • displays and saves cell info ( MCC, MNC, LAC, CID )

  • may create waypoints with GPS without phone and internet connections

  • all waypoints are stored on a memory card

  • waypoint lists may be stored in any number of files (that is, be grouped by locality or in any other way)

  • waypoint lists may be exported/imported in the GPX format, compatible with many navigators and software

  • finds location only by explicit user's command, so is very mild on the battery

  • since v2.6 there are options of writing tracks and exporting them in the GPX format; GPX tracks from other devices may be viewed

  • NOT implemented: map offline caching, routing, photo and video point attachments, serving cold beer :)

  • for pure open distributions, that lack API keys and access to some services, there're options to enter user's own keys

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