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Remote-control Transmission BitTorrent client
Version: 1.6.3
Added: 08-02-2017
Updated: 14-05-2018

Remote GUI for the Transmission BitTorrent client.


  • View torrent list
  • Sort torrents
  • Filter torrents by name, status and trackers
  • Start/stop/verify torrents with multi-selection
  • Add torrents from torrent files and magnet links
  • Select which files to download when adding torrent
  • Manage torrent files
  • Add and remove torrent trackers
  • View torrent peers
  • Set torrent limits
  • Change remote server settings
  • View server statistics
  • Multiple servers
  • Supports HTTPS connection
  • Can connect to servers with self-signed certificates (you need to add certificate to server settings)
  • Client certificate authentication
Screenshot of Tremotesf Screenshot of Tremotesf Screenshot of Tremotesf
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