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TREZOR Manager

TREZOR hardware wallet Manager
Version: 2.0.10
Added: 17-06-2017
Updated: 23-12-2018

TREZOR Manager lets you control your TREZOR device from your tablet or phone. It eliminates the necessity of a desktop computer, letting you depend solely on your mobile device. Together with a wallet app, it is the perfect portable solution to a secure hardware wallet.

This application is designed for management of your TREZOR device.

Features include:

  • Initialize & Setup
  • Recovery
  • Change label
  • Change PIN
  • Enable/Disable passphrase protection
  • Change the Homescreen
  • Upgrade firmware
  • Wipe the device

This application contains a binary Firmware for updating the device when needed. This firmware is build and signed by SatoshiLabs - the vendor of TREZOR.

Screenshot of TREZOR Manager Screenshot of TREZOR Manager Screenshot of TREZOR Manager
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