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Tricky Tripper

Manage travel expenses
Version: 1.6.2
Added: 07-01-2014
Updated: 29-01-2020
Especially for managing shared expenses.

Tricky Tripper is an offline-compatible utility for managing travel
expenses. It is especially intended for holidays with shared expenses, e.g. you
go on a trip with your friends and from time to time one companion pays for all
travelers. In such a situation Tricky Tripper splits the costs among the
companions as you want it. The application calculates all debts among the
travelers and offers means to get even, during or after the trip.


* Even or individual splitting of costs among travelers.
* Debt protocol
* Function to settle debts
* It's offline-compatible.
* Report export (Dropbox, Evernote, Mail, SDCard)
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